Clinics for the Rest of the Season!

Attention Lawrence Juniors! We will be having clinics every Wednesday until March 30th! Our Setting clinics will be every other Wednesday with our clinician being Coach Magnuson, Lawrence High School’s Coach! These clinics will be free and they will be held at Rock Chalk Park/Sports Pavilion from 7:30-9. Anyone is more than welcome to come, and we encourage you to! Below are the dates and positions for the clinics for the rest of the season.

Feb 17 Hitting (Blocking)
Feb 24 Setting (with Coach Magnuson)
Mar 3 Defense (Hitting)
Mar 9 Setting (with Coach Magnuson)
Mar 23 Serve Reception (Serving)
Mar 30 Setting (with Coach Magnuson)


Attention Lawrence Junior Members!! Clinics are starting this Wednesday at 7:30! This weeks clinic will be for setters, or anyone interested in setting. Our clinician this week is Stephanie Magnuson, a volleyball coach for Lawrence High School! Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions about the clinics feel free to contact Kathy Allen or Traci Marcum!